Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stuff I've been looking at

Andy Kaufman - Everything going to shit perfectly.... Simply a master/genius

 The Fall - At first I think they can seem a bit underwhelming, what with all the repitition and that and maybe perhaps because they are supposed to be this kind of benchmark to all music (Peel), but once you get involved you really get sucked in. You realise all the positive things said about are just true, they just are the best band ever really. Even when they seem to do conventional things (Like a compilation album or a song featuring on an advert) it doesn't seem conventional or careerist... Mark E. Smith is the real deal.

Andy Milligan - Always get the sense that something deeper/weirder is going on than just this horror/b-movie madness, but is also brilliant at face value! You always know when you are watching a Milligan film when he is on.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Vanished! - A Video Séance (1999), a video work made by the artist (sculptor, poet and performer) Brian Catling and screenwriter Tony Grisoni, greets you with the sound of wind and a photo of a house in the countryside surrounded by nothing in terms of human civilisation. This brief glimpse of the house is where the ‘Dalby Spook’ occurred. The image changes individually to the necks of the three family members that are in the video accompanied by discomforting gulps and other strange sounds. At over an hour and consisting only of portrait shots of the family members the video is uncompromising and yet arresting. The rigidity of the séance/portrait shot format adds emphasis potently to the actors’ gazes, sudden shrieks and changes in pitch - culminating into layers of intense absurdity, sometimes humour, even fear and always leaving you confused and with a sense of wonder at the subject that is Jeff the mongoose.